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All About Me

John Granger is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Philadelphia area (Licensed in PA, DE, TX, and MA). He graduated from Edinboro University with a Masters in Social Work with a specialization in trauma-informed care. Additionally, he holds a Masters in International Development with an urban concentration and an undergraduate degree in Economics from Eastern University.

Throughout his life it has always been his goal to serve and assist in meeting the needs of those going through different life challenges, as a therapist, it is his desire to be a facilitator in bringing about a spiritual and qualitative transformation to individuals lives.His mission has been to help and empower his clients to overcome their most challenging obstacles and start living happier lifestyles. John's extensive experience means that he is fully equipped to guide, support and assist you in building the life you desire. He has extensive experience working with individuals dealing with addiction, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, spiritual issues, and a myriad of other mental health issues. John has a faith-based background and will integrate spiritual principles into his work when requested. Ultimately, his goal is to help you become the best version of you by breaking the cycles that currently exist in your life.




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