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Empowerment Coaching

“John has helped me in both my relationship with my partner and individually. With his coaching, I’ve been able to identify patterns in the way that I communicate and internalize my emotions that often lead to my lashing out and expressing myself in a non-productive way. His method of listening and commitment to understanding during our sessions have allowed me to open up in ways I never thought possible. 


As you age, it’s difficult to break long-standing cycles or behaviors; but, John has exhibited patience and works intently with me to ensure I get what I need from each session. He doesn’t take the usual “therapy” approach by writing down everything his client says and refers to notes from previous sessions as his primary way of recollection, which makes me more willing to delve into the session. More importantly, John is not as concerned with punching the clock during a session. There’s been a few sessions that have run over out of necessity and he’s never made me feel as if I was being rushed.

I’ve enjoyed working with John over the past six months and look forward to continuing.”


" John is not only compassionate, but he is also an active listener. He creates a non-judgmental environment for his clients; he also brings biblical truths, which I truly appreciate. John challenges me to be the best husband and father that I can be. When I moved from Memphis, I looked for a black male therapist who could help me navigate some of my past struggles, traumas, and wounds. Since working with John, I have seen a complete change in my identity. John has created a space for me to be okay with some of my past mistakes and some of the shame and guilt I once had. John has done a good job of pushing me towards understanding how I can be a better man. I appreciate John for showing me how to navigate this world authentically and unapologetically. John is going to help you do a lot of deep work that will help you be better."





" John has been a blessing to find. He has made a huge impact on my teen son. My son has made a true connection with John. John provides my son with a safe emotional space to process his racial traumas he has endured


Some of the changes I have noticed in my son are:

Better control of his anger and anxiety, able to use coping skills with minimal verbal reminders from my husband and I, willingly engages in family activities, engaging more with his father on a one on one basis, but most of all, I am very happy to see that my son asserting himself positively when needing to express his feelings."


 "As a young Black, male professional, it was crucial for me to find a Black male mental health professional, in-network, of course. After doing much research I stumbled upon John Granger and figured I’d give therapy a go, as it is all new to me. His approach, which is a combination of casual conversation intertwined with introspection and retrospection which makes my sessions both pleasurable and cathartic. With his assistance, I have been able to gain insight on how to be a better husband, father, son, brother, and more importantly, a better self. I look forward to my sessions, even when he aids me in seeing and understanding some of the road-blocks that have served as a hindrance to my growth and betterment. John’s assistance has impacted me greatly and has added intrinsic value to my life and those I share it with."


"I have been working with Mr. Granger for a few months and I can honestly say that he has been instrumental in getting me through the struggles I have had through this pandemic and past struggles. He’s supportive and challenges me to think and believe in myself. He also provides great support for my spiritual journey which you do not find often. I look forward to our sessions and continued growth and healing as I continue to work with him!"


"Mr. Granger is a very wise and compassionate man. He truly LISTENS and discerns your thoughts then gives encouraging and thoughtful responses. He helps you to tap back into your power and purpose as he wipes away the debris of wrong thoughts that may have filled your mind. He is a wonderful therapist and goes the extra mile to make sure you believe in yourself. Mr. Granger will give you a safe, nonjudgmental space to speak your truth. You can trust him with your hurts, pains, secrets, and truths you can’t tell anybody else. He accepts you as you are! He is truly an instrument of GOD’S PEACE!" 


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