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SAP Evaluation Process

A DOT SAP evaluation is required when employees violate DOT drug and alcohol regulations. Once a violation is committed, an employee cannot perform any DOT safety-sensitive duties for any employer until an SAP evaluation has been completed. The SAP evaluation process is comprised of 4 steps. I am licensed to conduct SAP evaluations in Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Texas.



1. Initial Evaluation

You meet with a DOT Qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) for the initial assessment. This assessment will include your psychosocial history, in-depth drug and alcohol use history, and current mental status. During this assessment, you will be provided a diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and a treatment plan to complete before the employee becomes eligible for the follow-up evaluation.


2. Treatment/Education recommendation

Once the initial evaluation is complete, the SAP will make recommendations based on the assessment. Treatment recommendations can include but are not limited to inpatient treatment, partial in-patient treatment, outpatient treatment, education programs, and aftercare. Education recommendations can involve but are not limited to legitimate drug and alcohol education courses, self-help groups, and community lectures.


3. Follow-up Evaluation

A follow-up evaluation determines if you complied with the treatment recommendations. If you complete the treatment, the SAP will provide a written notification to the employer explaining the situation, a follow-up testing plan, and any continuing care recommendations. 


4. Follow-up Testing Plan

The SAP must provide the employer with a plan for follow-up testing. The testing will include at least 6 tests in the first 12 months. An employee’s follow-up testing program can last up to 60 months.


The cost of the SAP Evaluation is 500$

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