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Grey Limbo

Coaching, Individual and Couples Therapy

The Help You Need

Therapy Session

Individual Therapy

As a therapist, my goal is to collaboratively work with you to help you process and work through the challenging issues that are present in your life. We will work together to overcome the obstacles that you face by exploring experiences that you may have internalized,  negative beliefs, and painful memories that may be holding you back. This personalized experience will equip you with the skills necessary to overcome your past and handle the difficult life situations that you currently face. As a byproduct, this journey will lead to self-growth and self-awareness that will help you function at your optimal level.  I work with individuals in addressing the following areas:




                                                                                                   Relationship Difficulties

                                                                                                          Life Transitions

                                                                                               Difficulties with Self-Esteem

                                                                                                Professional/Career Issues

                                                                                            College/Graduate School Issues

                                                                                                      Stress Management

                                                                                                Grief, Loss, or Bereavement

                                                                                                       Spiritual Issues

Couple Meditating

Couples Therapy

I work with couples who need an objective third party to help them resolve conflict or need assistance in       strengthening their relationship. Sometimes couples have habits that are detrimental to the health of their relationship. Negative habits play a critical role in the underdevelopment of a relationship and can contribute to couples overall unhappiness. My goal is to help you identify those unhealthy relationship patterns and equip you with the tools that you need in order for you to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship that both partners desire. I provide assistance and support in the following areas:


Helping you gain an understanding of the origin of your partner’s behavior and to how to avoid emotional reactivity 

Restoring and rebuilding trust once broken

Helping individuals learn their partner’s communication style and enhancing communication skills 

Increasing emotional intimacy

Teaching skills that help the couple work collaboratively to problem-solve

Notebook and Pen


I provide coaching to individuals and executives looking to function at their highest level while achieving a greater sense of fulfillment. I aim to create a life balance that prioritizes your well-being, brings out the best in you while celebrating all aspects of your true self. Working together you gain a better sense of self-awareness. With years of experience, I’ve slowly begun incorporating different strategies that will help you walk in a greater sense of purpose. During our sessions, we’ll map your needs out to come up with a strategic plan that works for you. As a Coach, one of the first lessons I start with is by showing how everything we do is connected. Let’s work together in order to find a wellness approach that works for you.

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